The Bigger Picture

Recognition & Events

Competition is a big part of our business, and recognition is a huge part of competition! In addition to senior leadership events and regional conferences, Primerica recognizes success in a number of ways.

  • Incentive Trips — About twice a year, our leaders have the opportunity to compete for a business-boosting training event to a world−class destination. Some of the places our top producers and hot up−and−comers have been include: Hawaii, Cancun, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, San Francisco, CA, and Orlando, FL, among many others.
  • Company Conventions — Our biennial convention brings the whole team together for four life−changing days of powerful speakers, on stage recognition, and non−stop networking opportunities.
  • Recognition — Success stories are spotlighted daily on POL, in various print pieces and videos, and on many of our public websites.