Sebastien & Kathie Beaudry

Helping People Achieve Their Dreams

Sebastien Beaudry always had the desire to be somebody, to do something special. There was only one problem. He didn't have the right vehicle to get there.

"The only thing I was motivated in was sports," admits Sebastien, whose dream was to become a professional cyclist. When that didn't pan out, he was relegated to accepting a job from his uncle at a local bank. The 9-to-5, $30,000 job with a coat and tie was a long hard fall from the Tour de France.  When he was introduced to Primerica, he knew it represented his way out.

"What Primerica invested in me," Sebastien explains, "was time. They told me that if I had the desire to change my life, there was a real opportunity for me here. They told me that, if you work hard, you can change your life in five to eight years."

Sebastien's life was changed in more ways than one, because he met his wife Kathie through the company, and today they're enjoying life with their three young daughters while building a successful business together in Quebec, Canada.

"The most important thing you’ll find in Primerica is freedom," he says. "Freedom gives you the time to focus on the right things. The dream for me is having the opportunity to help people achieve their dreams. That's what Primerica is all about."