Mark & Sandy Yozipovic

Playing to Win

Mark Yozipovic’s spent every free moment of his childhood playing hockey. “I ate, breathed and slept it. When I wasn’t working at our family’s hotel, I was playing hockey,” says Mark. “I got good at it, too.” At age 19, Mark left home to attend Providence College in Rhode Island on a hockey scholarship. Mark remembers, “It was a dream come true for me.”

That dream ended with Mark’s college days when he did not make the cut for the National Hockey League. He quickly found himself without direction. “It was really tough for me. When you chase something your whole life and then it’s over - you have to readjust.”

Mark rebounded and set his sights on climbing the corporate ladder and starting a new life and met the love of his life, Sandy.

Within a few years, as the young couple were married and beginning a family, Mark arrived a difficult realization. The corporate world was not satisfying his competitive drive. “I had a good job and everyone was telling me how lucky I was. But I was empty inside because I wasn’t experiencing any of the energy, excitement or team spirit that had made hockey so much fun. I just couldn’t do something for the rest of my career that didn’t offer a challenge. And then I found Primerica and it was like, ‘Wow! I’ve got that feeling back again. I’ve got that competitive spirit back again!’”

By tapping into Mark’s competitive spirit and playing to win, Mark and Sandy have built a solid Primerica business. Today they are million-dollar earners* who enjoy everything life has to offer and have the freedom to enjoy their success. They’re truly a winning combination.