Ivan & Sharon Earle

Changing the Family Legacy

Ivan Earle went straight from high school to a full-time job working at a local plant in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina, so he thought that was the way life was supposed to be.

His dreams were very basic - and on his $12,000 annual salary, they had to be. Five years later, he started his new career with Primerica on a part-time basis, forever changing his family’s legacy for generations to come.

"Primerica allows you to be the person that you really want to be," Ivan said. "Once you reach a level of success where you have freedom, time and money - and nobody can put their finger on you and squeeze you again – then you can have the opportunity to be who you are."

For Ivan and his wife Sharon, that means being one of Primerica’s million-dollar earners, and respected leaders of the African American Leadership Council.* More importantly, however, it means they get to spend more quality time with their children, help their family and build a business together.