Hector & Jann La Marque

Freedom of Time

Hector La Marque worked hard. He worked 70-hours a week as a jewelry store manager and made $50,000 a year. He provided his family with a great life, but he worked so much he didn’t get to spend much time with them. He knew that had to change.

Hector was introduced to Primerica in 1981 and started Primerica part-time. He got off to a slow start, but in 1984, after his boss at the jewelry store refused to give him time off to enjoy his son’s birthday, Hector made a bold move. He quit his “day job” and committed himself to building his Primerica business full-time.

“That day I decided no one was ever going to have that much control over my life again. No matter what it took, I was determined not to let anything or anyone come between me and my family,” Hector remembers.

He knew that being his own boss was the only way he was going to be able to call his own shots, provide a lifestyle for his family and yet still have a life. Hector and his wife, Jann, decided to pour their efforts into making their Primerica business a success. “Sometimes your back has to be against the wall before you step out and make changes in your life,” Hector says.

Since then, Hector has gone from being a $50,000-a-year jewelry store manager to being a multi-million-dollar earner with Primerica. The money is nice. But having the freedom of time to spend with his family is the greatest gift of all.