Frank Dillon

Living a Different Life

Frank Dillon had a remarkable story long before he joined Primerica.

He left his native Ecuador with just $36 and the borrowed clothes on his back. After working several different jobs, he was laid off and found himself begging on the streets of New York.

'I needed to fight back, which at that time I felt was impossible,' recalls Frank, who bounced back to earn a Master's degree in psychiatric social work from Rutgers and a Master's degree in psychology and a Ph.D. from Seton Hall.

Frank had become a doctor and he was living the lifestyle to go with it. "Still," he says, "something was missing." That "something" was Primerica, and today Frank is one of the company's million-dollar earners and most competitive leaders.*

"It's like living a different life," Frank says. "That's what Primerica is all about."