Frances Avrett

Family Comes First

When Frances Avrett was thrust into the role of primary breadwinner due to her first husband’s health challenges, she was concerned about finding the right opportunity.

"Entrepreneurship is the big equalizer,” Frances says. “To own your own business gives you a chance to change that for you and your family."

With an original goal of building a $50,000 annual income, Frances far exceeded those initial expectations to become a million-dollar earner with Primerica.* By doing so, she was not only able to provide for her children, but also to afford the finest health care available for her husband.

"Dreaming means you can do things you never thought possible in every aspect of your life," says Frances, who despite having a highly successful business career, never lost sight of her role as mother to her five children. "I dreamed of having my family grow up to become prosperous, productive, happy people. I've been able to realize that dream, and it's something we continue to focus on."