Daniel & Karma Alonzo

Living Proof Our Principles Work

Just like most people who just turned 21, Daniel Alonzo had big dreams.

He wanted to be a cartoonist, but everybody kept telling him "no," doors kept getting slammed in his face and the grim reality of corporate America was starting to set in. It was about that time that one company actually opened the door for him, and he stepped right in.

"Primerica taught me how to dream again, taught me how to be courageous, they taught me how to persist until I succeed," Daniel remembers. "Primerica was built for people who want to do something great."

Daniel was making $7 an hour at the time, and his then girlfriend Karma was still in college, but everything changed when their Primerica career got off to a fast start. Within just a few years, Daniel's $14,000 job had been replaced by a thriving $100,000 business,* and Karma was involved in helping build it every step of the way.

Daniel and Karma didn't just make money, however, they followed the financial principles the company had taught them – saving money, investing wisely, living below their means. "We made good decisions," Daniel says, "and because of that we became financially independent within seven years of joining the company. We had saved $1 million."