Chris & Elizabeth Koob

Partnership Leads to Success

Unlike most companies, Primerica encourages their representatives to find a partner to help build their business. Whether it’s a spouse, family member or friend - Primerica believes that when two people work together toward the same goal, they can reach those goals even faster. Chris and Elizabeth Koob are a prime example.

"We have been able to build a business together and create a greater bond of partnership, which has been an incredible support for our marriage,” Chris says. “If Elizabeth would have continued her nursing career while I went out into the world as an engineer I truly believe we would not have connected in the way we have by pursuing the same goals and building a business together.

“Now we are able to commit to our family the time and resources that are necessary to raise our children together with the core values we believe in. On a daily basis, we choose when we need to work and when it is okay not to work. We also get to choose when and for how long our family needs to go on vacation to escape from life’s everyday challenges.  This freedom keeps our whole family energized and really fulfilled in our everyday lives."