Cathy & Raudel Muñoz

Having It All

“Before Primerica, I worked in the social services field for six years,” remembers Cathy Muñoz. “Primerica was the perfect match for me because I wanted to be a mom and a professional at the same time. Primerica allows you to spend time with your family and have financial freedom, too.

“The biggest struggle I had when starting the business was leaving my newborn daughter while I went out in the field. But the good news is that you can sacrifice for a short time to have freedom in the long run. Now, I spend more time with her and our three other children than I could if I had a regular job.

“Every day is a holiday in our family!” she exclaims.“The quality time we spend together as a family is priceless. Now, our goal is to help other families achieve their dream life through Primerica.”

How does she do it?
As a former social worker, Cathy knows all about working with people to form strong relationships. Her background definitely helped to prepare her for what she’s doing now.

“Your goals and dreams have to be bigger than you,” she reasons.“If you focus your energy and time helping others achieve their dreams and goals, your success is inevitable.”