Blake & Lindsey Whittle

Following in His Family’s Footsteps

For Blake Whittle of Baton Rouge, LA, starting a Primerica business after college graduation was always his top choice. He grew up in the business and watched his parents, Bill and Leslie Whittle, become two of the most successful leaders in the history of the company. Blake was never a kid who wondered what he’d do when he “grew up” one day.

“I never entertained thoughts of doing anything else besides playing professional basketball and joining Primerica,” he says proudly. “When it came to decision time, Lindsey and I both felt the timing was right to join Primerica instead of pursuing a basketball career. We wanted to start building our business early and be the youngest million-dollar earners in Primerica.* We are so lucky we made the decision to join when we did because these past few years have been the most fun and the most rewarding years of our lives.”

Lindsey beams and adds, “From day one, everyone I met in Primerica was welcoming, positive and supportive. I hadn’t ever seen that in any other large company. There is such an undeniable difference between the people in Primerica and any other company I know.”