Bill & Leslie Whittle

Building a Team

Bill Whittle knows all about teamwork. Tenacity and a competitive spirit are woven deeply into his character. As a standout college basketball player at Louisiana State University, these qualities rose to the surface. But they really flourished when Bill found a way to transfer his winning ways from the hardwood to the boardroom.

Prior to joining Primerica, Bill was working as a teacher and coach, putting in long hours for low wages. “My goal was always to make as big an impact on life as possible through coaching,” he explains. “But I needed to find an outlet for coaching people that could give me the freedom and income I needed.”

Once he was introduced to Primerica, he knew the Opportunity could help him achieve his goals. All he had to do was compete and build a team. With the help of his sports background, Bill says, “There’s no question the same discipline and the same focus it takes to win in sports is what it takes to win in Primerica.”

So the coach built his team. “I can remember how great it was to wake up every day and be excited about that day,” the veteran leader recalls about his early years in Primerica. “It still feels that way today.” Bill charged ahead, building his team and fostering a culture of success. A firm believer in teaching by example, the coach instilled in his people a burning desire to win. And from Bill’s leadership, a champion team emerged.

Victory has presented itself in many forms for Bill and his wife, Leslie. They are million-dollar earners and have achieved a level of prosperity and freedom that every competitor seeks.*

But even after his more than three decades in the business, Bill believes there is more work to be done. “Being free makes me happy, but setting others free is when I am the happiest.”