Abram & Amy Booty

Becoming A Better Person

When Abram Booty realized that his NFL career was over, he remained true to his family roots and followed in his father's footsteps to become a high school football coach.

"I started figuring out real quickly," Abram explains, "that the lifestyle I was going to be able to create coaching wasn't going to be quite the same as I was playing." As much as Abram loved the game and working with his players, he knew that he had a bigger responsibility, to provide for his wife Amy and the first of their two young children.

The timing couldn't have been better when another former LSU star athlete, Collis Temple, introduced Abram to Primerica.

"The biggest thing Primerica has done for me is help me become a better person," Abram says, "and really, when I look back, a better husband, a better father, just because of the things I've been exposed to in this company. Everyone's here to help everybody else, but the personal growth that takes place here in this company, if you choose to accept that challenge, is awesome. That's what life's all about, you becoming a better person tomorrow than you are today in all areas of your life."

Today, Abram and Amy are both grateful for the difference Primerica has made in their lives, allowing them to spend more time with their family and "live a lifestyle most people only dream about."